Review: Can-Am Maverick Sport XXC

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Review: Can-Am Maverick Sport XXC

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Marc-Andre gives us a review of the Can-Am Maverick Sport XXC.

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REVIEW: Can-am Maverick Sport XXC
by Marc A Quessy
Hi there! Thanks for taking time to come to our website and read our content!

I'm not the typical "reviewer" type, I RIDE and I ride / drive hard! Once in a blue moon I get a unit to review that is just the perfect fit for me. Such is the case with the Maverick Sport XXC from Can-Am. I had a Maverick Sport DPS loaned to me for a year and I still think to this day 3 years later that the Sport is the best sporty trail UTV out there but that's until Can-Am treated my with this thing! The Maverick Sport XXC!

I can hear good ole uncle Bob say: "It's the same gosh darned UTV with different paint Marc!"

Well, hummm yes and no. Yes because it's the same body, same interior, same engine, same tune so... What is the big deal about the XXC trim?

Two MAJOR things makes the XXC radically stand out from the Sport DPS...........:

For more information here is the full article: ... sport-xxc/

Don't want to read? check out the video:

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